Polygrate Wet Deck Grating specification table
Unit Size A B C
Width 300mm 12" 405mm 16" 483mm 19"
Depth D1 24mm 15/16" 26mm 1" 26mm 1"
Depth D2 24mm 15/16" 35mm 1 3/8" 35mm 1 3/8"
Spacing (Nominal) 24mm 15/16" 27mm 1 1/16" 27mm 1 1/16"
Gap (Nominal) 8mm 3/8" 9mm 3/8" 9mm 3/8"
Units per metre 42 41 41
Weight per metre 2.65kg 5.1kg 6.3kg
Standard Colours Beige, White, Grey, [Custom colours by arrangement]
  • Hi-Tech Luran 797 S.U.V. (acrylonitrile/styrenl/acrylate)
  • Load Strength ASTM E-661-92-Deflection at 200 pounds = .173. Maximum load = 742 pounds
  • Static Coefficient of Friction ASTM C 1028 - Dry + .08, - wet + .04 Low heat absorption. U.V. stabilized. Pool chemical resistant.


Modular, interlocking pieces of grate with a special registered design, diamond and slotted ridged profile providing excellent grip. The unique clip together Grating up to 11.8" in size can comfortably handle curves and corners with a 2 yard radius and then reverse back on itself.

Its light weight makes removal for cleaning possible.

The profile colors and non-metal look makes it very desirable for indoor and off pool deck use and for other drainage uses.

Wet Deck Grating